Contemporary Sculpture | Sculpture Artist | MARTON VARO

Sculpting is a form of art which creates 3 dimensional artwork achieved by shaping certain materials. Sculptures have been prevalent in society for a very, very long time; magnificent sculptures were created as far back as those created by ancient civilizations, who made them purely either for art, for commemoration or often prayers.  Today, the popularity of contemporary sculpture is on the rise, not only in public places, displays and exhibitions, but in personal spaces as well.  Some people even commission sculpture artists to create contemporary sculpture pieces of themselves or loved ones for their own private homes.

Modern and contemporary sculpture involves techniques developed over time as well as elements of popular culture.  The common movements seen in contemporary sculpture are the likes of geometric abstraction, cubism, suprematism, de stijl, dadaism, constructivism, futurism, surrealism, pop-art, formalism abstract expressionism, installation art, land art and so much more.  Contemporary sculpture can now be seen almost anywhere, even in homes. They are known to add elegance and high value to any space.

One popular material often used by contemporary sculpture artists is marble.  Marble statues are extremely beautiful due to their beautiful polish and fine sheen.  They are suitable to be placed almost anywhere for contemplation and appreciation.  In homes, in workspaces, and even in gardens and lawns.  Marble statues will definitely add an aura of class and elegance.  Many people commission marble statues from sculpture artists that imitate or reproduce popular sculptures of the past.  This is possible, as most sculpture artists are not only good with reproducing their own work of art, but also great with reproducing other statues and sculptures to the more affordable form of marble statues.

Today, there are plenty of sculpture artists who produce amazing work of art.  Perhaps one of the most acclaimed sculpture artists today is Marton Varo, a one-of-a-kind sculptor who gives his unique touch of gifted sculpting hands to turn marble and stone into amazing sculptures and statues.  Marton Varo carves directly in the materials, which makes his work of art especially high in quality.  Internationally recognized, Varo’s large scale monumental art pieces for public spaces are exhibited the world over – in the USA, Italy, Greece, Hungary and Norway, to name a few.  The list continues to grow as he keeps on developing more and more marble statues and contemporary sculpture for the public to feast their eyes on.