Contemporary Sculpture | Sculpture Artist | MARTON VARO


“From Michelangelo to Marton Varo” – Pacific Club Presentation (March 2016)

A brief overview of sculpture from the Renaissance to modern times with an insight into the work of Marton Varo.

Marton Varo: Sculptor Profile

A quick look at the artist and his sculpting process.

A Look At The Studio & Cubes

A look at the sculptor’s studio and collection of Cube works.

Making of a Marble Statue

From quarry to display, this is a quick look at the creation process from start to finish.

Ave Maria Unveils Sculpture

COLLIER COUNTY: Ave Maria University unveiled a 31-foot marble sculpture representing the moment the Virgin Mary was told she would give birth to Jesus. The moment in Christian history is what the University is named for. The sculpture took two years to complete and weighs in at an astounding 54-tons. “Technically huge, spiritually even bigger. It’s my passion, it’s the most important job in my life, it’s the biggest,” Artist Marton Varo said.

Tuscan Sun Along The Way

Produced by Southern Television Guangdong (TVS), this piece featuring Marton Varo recently ran on Chinese TV.