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Artist Statement: Marton Varo on “The Annunciation of Ave Maria”

Márton Váró says he has waited for an opportunity like this all his life. He is excited for the unveiling but more so, he is focused on the task at hand: completing the only structure of its kind in the world, and the project that could be his life’s legacy.

It is the sculpture of the Annunciation of Ave Maria, a massive 50+ ton statue of the Virgin Mary that has captured Mr. Váró’s attention for the past two years. The sculpture will adorn the façade of the impressive Ave Maria Oratory, a building that has served as the heart of the community since it was completed in 2008.

It would seem with Mr. Váró’s previous accomplishments he could afford to be cavalier about the Ave Maria project. But all he can think about is the hope that he won’t disappoint all of the people who have given him their trust and support along the way.

“This community has been extremely supportive of my work and I am very happy and lucky to be able to do this job,” he said. “This is such a blessing to be able to sculpt such an important piece in such an amazing community, and while this has been my most challenging project, it’s been the most rewarding project that I have done in my career.”

Márton Váró

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